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The Power Colors Saga by Talee, how it came to be....

    Originally, there was only Arth, but as mankind multiplied it became necessary to expand and grow into other realms.  In the first feeble attempt four new planets were targeted they would be called Barth, Carth, Darth and Earth, then war came and these planets were lost.  Eons later another expansion came to mankind and this time four great nations competed to claim all the planets that could be settled by mankind. 

    And it came to pass that there were four great sectors governed separately jelous of one another. 

    When one of these sectors eventually became dominant, a cult formed and grew in the other sectors seeding hatred for the source of that dominance.  This cult grew and eventually took over the two poorest sectors.  

    When the two most prosperous sectors eventually fought, the Witch Hunters waited and attacked as soon as the war was over.  

    Only the planning and foresight of the leaders of the once dominant Tali sector kept those who could call the power colors from being completely eliminated.

    The Power Colors Saga and Power Colors Tales tell the stories of the people and governments of these times.

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